Why is GEM unique?

Real: It’s a real piece of food, not a pill or capsule. We believe real is better. Always. GEM is made with plants, that’s it! By providing nutrients to you in real food forms, rather than just purely extracted synthetics, you’re getting other critical cofactors and co-nutrients that better help your body absorb and digest the vitamins + minerals you need.

For Women by Women: We don’t believe in megadoses because you eat food...right? Then you are already getting a bulk of the nutrients; all you need is to fill in the gaps! As women ourselves, we identified the 15 important essentials for daily health that is difficult for us to get in our American diets and that we need for everyday stress, energy, mood, beauty, and brain power. Then we scoured the globe to source the most ethically sustainable, ethical and cleanest forms of those nutrients.  

Transparency: We are a nutritional label and not a supplement label (because we’re real food!)- not to bog you down in the technicality but it means we are required to declare every single ingredient in GEM and where all the nutrients come from. So rest assured, there are no hidden ingredients, unnecessary additives, synthetic fillers, added sugar or environmentally harmful junk. With GEM what you see is what you get: whole plants that provide 15 essentials. Read more here.

Sustainable: We’re algae-powered, minimally processed, plant-based and ethically driven, read more about this here.

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