How is GEM different from traditional vitamins?

Traditional vitamins have a supplement label while we have a nutrition label. Since GEM is made of food, we are regulated by the FDA and must declare every ingredient on our label--so all you see is all that's in it. We have no hidden fillers and sneaky toxins.

Supplement labels do NOT have to follow the same type of regulations and are able to label ingredients as "blends" to hide the chemicals and fillers. 

You'll also see that most supplements have over 100% of the daily recommended intake for almost all of the nutrients--this is referred to as mega-dosing. Our bodies are actually unable to process over 100% of said nutrients, and we end up expelling the overdosed amounts in our urine! 

GEM was created to fill in the gaps of what we might be missing, we get a surprising amount of nutrients from the foods we eat, and GEM is here to fill in what's missing. Since GEM is made of food and is 100% real, it absorbs and metabolizes more naturally within the body, ensuring you are actually absorbing the nutrients!

We wrote a whole blog post on the difference between supplement and nutrition labels, you can read that here!

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