Why does GEM not have 100% of all vitamins?

GEM was created to fill in the gaps of what women might be missing from their day-to-day diets.

We can get a surprising amount of nutrients from the foods we eat, but GEM is there to top us off and offer ingredients that aren't typically found in our average multivitamin (ashwagandha to help relieve stress; astaxanthin, an antioxidant that is 6,000x more powerful than vitamin C and 550x more stronger than vitamin E).

We also don't believe in mega-dosing. I'm sure you're used to seeing values of vitamins in the 200 and 300% range, I was too! But, our bodies physically can't absorb those amounts of nutrients and we actually pee most of them out.

The amount of nutrients in GEM were crafted to fill in the gaps. Our bodies absorb nutrients from food best, so GEM metabolizes more naturally and effectively within our bodies, leading to excellent absorption.

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