Does GEM have a rewards program?

Go to our website and click on the Get $20 tab at the top of the homepage, then click on Start Sharing. 

A little window will pop up from the bottom right hand corner of the screen and will ask you to either login (with your GEM account credentials) or create an account if you don't have one yet. 

Once you've joined or logged in, you'll see a custom link for you to refer friends or share on FB, Facebook Messenger, or Email. Copy that link and share it with whoever you'd like!

For every friend that signs up you will get a $20 discount code to apply to an order, and they will get $20 off their first order!

Here's how it works on your friends side:

  1. They paste your link into a browser, and a pop up window comes up asking for their email address. 

2. Once they enter their email address, it will give them a code that they can copy and paste immediately at check out.

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